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Why Trehan Iris in Gurugram Is The Ideal Workspace


Home / Blog / Why Trehan Iris in Gurugram Is The Ideal Workspace

Why Trehan Iris in Gurugram Is The Ideal Workspace

Even after the pandemic was said to be a point of no return for work from office culture, things have been changing. Statistics by real estate consultant Colliers indicate that this change is decidedly mixed. Gurugram witnessed a whopping 100% rise during the second quarter of 2022 as compared to the previous year. The post-pandemic scenario of office spaces showed an affliction towards going back to how things were before the pandemic. After two years of unforeseen ramifications brought about by the pandemic, we are ready to go back to the office.

Gurugram, in particular, is one of the few cities at the forefront of commercial advancements. Jewel on the map of Delhi NCR, Gurugram is fast becoming the ideal place for discovering office space for rent. In their study, Colliers found that the increase in leasing activity in Gurugram is mainly driven by technology and flex workspaces. In addition to this, its multiple amenities and location advantage make it the ideal city for Fortune 500 companies to lease office spaces. It is due to the following reasons that Trehan Iris has established its roots in Gurugram.

Excellent Connectivity

One of the most influential aspects of this location is its robust connectivity. The majority of business districts are well-linked with the metro network. In addition, Gurugram is also connected to Delhi and other NCR areas with metro and road networks. Its accessibility from Delhi makes it one of the most successful regions in the NCR. In addition, it is in the vicinity of domestic & international airports, which aids in flourishing businesses on a global level.

Real Estate Boom

The living expenses in Delhi have been witnessing an all-time high, owing to its recent commercial rise. With limited places to buy a home, the rent has naturally gone up. In addition, Delhi is now more congested than ever before because of the commercial developments. In Gurugram, however, the story is different. The real estate sector has more room to expand, and the rents come at a pocket-friendly price. Due to this, a majority of the workforce prefers Gurugram over Delhi.

Access to Talent Pool

In the past few years, Gurugram has witnessed an immense rise in commercial development. It is here that Fortune 500 companies find their office space to expand their business. Naturally, the talent pool of India prefers to thrive here. This presence of an elite workforce benefits both offices and employees. This is a direct consequence of low rental rates as well.

Amenities and Leisure Facilities

It is undeniable that the working-class population in Gurugram also expects essential amenities and leisure facilities, in addition to the presence of top companies. The city is equipped with top-notch facilities, convenience stores, food courts, and prominent markets. In addition, Gurugram houses top-notch hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls. Gurugram has successfully attracted and engaged the working population with such amenities.

Being the fastest growing business district, Gurugram has everything the working class could ask for. With unmatched location advantages and unbeatable amenities, the city is set to witness tremendous commercial advancements for decades to come.

Trehan Iris A Pioneer in Commercial Advancements

Trehan understands the immense potential of Gurugram and thus decided to establish its roots in this prime location. Our offices are built on futuristic designs and equipped with world-class amenities. Our portfolio of cutting-edge office spaces on lease is located in prominent locations in the city.

  • Techpark-Sohna Road
  • Cyber tower-Udyog Vihar
  • Cyber Square-Manesar
  • IRIS Milestone-Manesar
  • IRIS 312-Udyog Vihar

All our office spaces enjoy their location advantage and are suitable for the expansion of Fortune 500 companies. They consist of multiple amenities, which include

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Seismic Zone IV Construction
  • Centralized air-conditioning system
  • Granite Flooring in Common Areas
  • Intelligent fire protection system
  • Multi-level basement parking with connecting elevators
  • World-Class facility management

We continuously strive to develop and deliver high-performance structures that add to our legacy of successful commercial projects. With Gurugram’s unmatched hospitality and Trehan Iris’ decades of experience in commercial and residential projects, you get the best of both worlds.


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