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Investing In Pre-Leased Commercial Properties: What Is In It For You?


Home / Blog / Investing In Pre-Leased Commercial Properties: What Is In It For You?

Investing In Pre-Leased Commercial Properties: What Is In It For You?

A pre-leased property is one which has been leased out (rented out) already. They are now enlisted for sale. When you invest in such a commercial property, you can start benefiting from rentals right away. If you invested in a commercial property for lease that has reputed tenants and a trusted builder, then you will have signed yourself up for a win-win deal.

Investing in pre-leased properties is becoming a trend these days, owing to its many advantages, particularly when it comes to mixed-use commercial spaces. A mixed-use development ensures an impressive influx of people for a variety of purposes. And for businesses to flourish, more people are always better.

A property that is pre-leased comes with the assurance of steady business. It is essential to understand why this is true so that before you invest, you are sure about the return on investment.

  • Guaranteed monthly income: Once the investor receives the lease transfer, they have the right to receive monthly payments for that commercial unit. This assures fixed monthly rentals, and you get a steady source of income.
  • No periods of waiting:A pre-leased property has tenants ready to occupy the units right after it has been completed. So, you don't need to worry about earning returns. As soon as the lease deed is transferred, the investors start earning monthly rentals with no waiting period.
  • Land appreciation: The best aspect of buying a property is that as time increases, the value of pre-leased units also increases proportionally. Investing in it thus becomes a proposition that keeps on appreciating. Further, if the property is located in a prime area with all the desirable amenities and infrastructure in place, the buyer which is looking for long-term investment will immensely benefit from the steady appreciation of capital values.
  • Low-risk investment: Since pre-leased properties come with a certainty that the income and returns will be impressive and assured, the investor faces low risk in investing. This is due to the fact that, in most cases, tenants rarely vacate these properties before the agreement has expired.
  • 5. Excellent liquidity: In real estate, it is quite difficult to find potential investors. However, in the case of pre-leased properties, there is a guarantee that comes with the investment. Thus, this type of property acts as a magnet to investors.

When it comes to investing in a pre-leased property, the selection is everything. The property must be situated in a growing commercial hub that has all the necessary amenities nearby. Further, it is always best to go for a trusted developer’s project if you want a smooth influx of rentals. Trehan Iris is one such realty developer that you can trust.

One of the most promising projects that is already reaping terrific results is Trehan Iris’ Broadway mall. This project provides ready-to-move units of commercial showrooms and shops. Located in Sector 85 and 86 of New Gurugram, it offers the best mix of local and international brands. This mixed-use commercial space is bound to offer an enhanced experience to visitors, shoppers and brand partners. It has just witnessed over one lakh sq. ft leasing during the April-June quarter. With this, Broadway now has over 3 lakh sq. ft leased out. This is a testament to Trehan Iris’ continued commitment towards building leading projects in India.

Spread across 2.8 acres, the luxurious Iris Broadway is nestled amidst a catchment of more than 3 lakh people in the vicinity. It comes with surface parking for 200 vehicles and triple basement parking as well. Further, it has a superior location advantage. It is easily accessible by Gurgaon Railway Station and IGI Airport. It also has prominent hospitals, schools and banks in the neighbourhood. Our current investors are already earning impressive rental income which far exceeds the other retail projects in New Gurugram. For more details, check out this blog to know everything about Trehan Iris Broadway.

With over 6 decades of unparalleled experience in delivering top-notch projects globally, Trehan Iris has become a name that is synonymous with unprecedented growth opportunities. Together with premium offerings of New Gurugram, and Trehan’s dexterity in the realm of realty, Broadway is establishing itself as one of the most promising projects in the country.


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